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  • For those with prior experience in organizing multiday trips, our self-guided trips offer unparalleled flexibility, freedom, and an economical vacation option.

  • With self-guided trips, you have the liberty to launch and land at your convenience, extending your stay at captivating wild camping spots if desired.

  • While on a self-guided trip, you function as a decision-maker rather than a guided participant. This autonomy grants you significant flexibility but also entails a heightened risk if you lack familiarity with the area, local weather patterns, and evacuation points in case of need. Rest assured, our 24-hour support is readily available to address any concerns or challenges you may encounter.

  • In addition to collaborative route planning, we provide you with a detailed map, recommend optimal camping locations, highlight sources for water and food, identify excellent restaurants along your journey, and furnish daily weather reports tailored to your position. Consider this as a seamless transfer of our knowledge to empower your self-guided adventure.



Service / Day 2 3 4 5 6 7 each extra day
2 PAX Single Kayak 185 € 238 € 292 € 329 € 210 € 220 € 35 €
2 PAX Double Kayak 158 € 197 € 237 € 274 € 307 € 339 € 30 €

 Price per Person, based on a group size of two. For each extra person we apply 5% discount (maximum 20%)

Included in the price :

Sea Kayak, PFD, paddle, sprayskirt, dry bags, kayaking bilge pump, tow line, detailed maps, kayk delivery and pick up anywhere on the island of Rab.

24/7 support  for weather,routes and suggestions. 

  • Feel free to leave your personal belongings at our base for no additional charge while kayaking. If you arrive by car, we can recommend nearby parking options, and adherence to island parking rules ensures the safety of your vehicle.




Whether you're embarking on a multi-day expedition, a leisurely coastal cruise, or a one-day training session, our selection of high-performance kayaks caters to your needs.

Select from a varied collection of kayak models offered by the Prijon brand, which has been a presence in the market for over 60 years. Crafted in Germany, these kayaks are celebrated for their exceptional quality, versatility, and expedition-ready storage capabilities.


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