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Tour Difficulty

0 000 31Easy: a sea kayak tour of less than 15 kms (per day). Suitable for any level of fitness and for people without any sea kayaking experience.

Intermediate: a sea kayak tour of 15 to 18 kms (per day). Suitable for people who have kayaked on at least 2 previous day trips and for people who are not ‘unfit’.

Advanced: a sea kayak tour of 18+ kms (per day). Suitable for people who have kayaked many times before and for people with an average or above fitness level.

Clothing and Eqipment

Carefully check through all essential items listed below to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. The dress code on Croatian Islands is more relaxed than on the mainland.Avoid cotton items as much as possible because they lack warmth and take forever to dry once they are wet.

The Croatian currency is the Kuna (local abbreviation- kn, international abbreviation-HRK), which is divided into 100 lipas (lp). When visiting Croatia, you can exchange most currencies and most credit cards are accepted. Notes consist of 500, 200, 100, 50, 20,10 and 5 kuna. Each bears a likeness to a Croatian hero.
Each kuna is divided into 100 lipa. There are silver coloured 50 and 20 lipa coins and bronze 10 lipa coins. The value of the kuna is tied to the value of the euro. It is quite common for accommodation to be priced in euros however you will mostly pay in kuna.

Regarding its water resources, Croatia has a leading position in Europe.

Concerning water quality, Croatian water is greatly appreciated all over the world.

Due to a lack of established industries there have also been no major incidents of water pollution.

Most of the people are using the tapwater for cooking and drinking. Our tapwater is safe in most regions but we suggest you buy the bottled one just in case.

Our paddling adventures are mainly in the salt water environment and some of the delicate electronics can be damaged.

Don't forget to take the extra memory storage and batteries for a digital camera, as there is not much opportunity to access electricity.


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