We actively seek collaborations with travel and tourism companies interested in promoting our kayak trips within their regions or globally.

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Our tours are thoughtfully crafted and meticulously organized.

The Croatian Adriatic boasts 78 islands, 524 islets, and 642 reefs. Navigating this intricate network of islands, coves, and bays requires the expertise of a seasoned local partner. Our kayak tours span all corners of the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

As part of our mission to provide unique and unforgettable travel experiences, we actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations worldwide to offer our exclusive trips in their countries.

Our approach involves extensive research and networking to identify potential partners who share our values of authenticity, sustainability, and quality.

Collaborations may take various forms, including co-branded tours, joint marketing initiatives, or exclusive access to local experiences.

We work closely with our partners to design customized itineraries that showcase the best of their destination while aligning with our company values and standards.

Throughout the partnership, we remain committed to providing exceptional service and experiences to our guests.

We continuously monitor and evaluate the success of our collaborations, seeking feedback from both our partners and our customers to ensure ongoing improvement and satisfaction.

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sea and beach rab island

We offer:

  • Professional and friendly service

  • High-quality gear and supplies

  • Custom itineraries tailored to match your company profile

  • Complimentary trips for your company guide (or two, depending on group size)

  • Professional, local guides

  • Exceptional food and a joyful atmosphere

  • Safe, comfortable, and high-quality kayaking and camping equipment

  • Exploration of the most pristine and stunning locations

  • Prompt responses to client inquiries

  • Outstanding photos and detailed tour descriptions at no extra cost

  • Exclusive selling rights for some trips in your country (if not already provided by other outfitters)

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sea and beach rab island

As a partner, you can:

  • Promote trips via social networks (Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc.)

  • Access high-resolution photos and marketing materials

  • Join us on adventures to observe our operations before selling the trips

  • Publish in specialized sea kayaking or other travel-related publications

  • Create slideshow presentations for Sea Kayak Clubs

  • Showcase our/your trips at Travel & Tourism Trade Shows

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