Gear up for your adventure with our top-quality equipment rentals. From kayaks to camping gear, we provide everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience. Rest assured, our equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure reliability and performance throughout your journey.

Zenbivy Sleeping System

Zenbivy Sleeping System

Starting at just 1,1 kg, the Zenbivy Bed is just as comfortable in your pack as it is in your tent! The Zenbivy Bed is ideal for those who want maximum comfort and familiarity, whether they're pulling up to a campground or backpacking in the mountains.

Zenbivy Beds are filled with premium 700 fill-power HyperDRY™ down. Built for performance, this down uses a natural wax-based compound to make it water resistant. It is durable, fluorocarbon-free, and RDS (Responsible Down Standard) compliant

With its range of sizes and temperature ratings, the Zenbivy Sleep System ensures that outdoor enthusiasts can find the perfect fit for their adventures, no matter the season or location.

Whether you're camping in mild temperatures or braving freezing conditions, Zenbivy has a sleep system that will keep you cozy and warm throughout the night.

Prijon Kayaks

Prijon Kayaks

Prijon sea kayaks stand out as ideal choices for expedition paddlers, delivering dependable performance and durability. Renowned for their stability, ergonomic design, and robust construction, these kayaks excel across diverse conditions encountered during lengthy journeys.

Featuring ample storage space and comfortable seating, they strike an optimal balance between comfort and functionality for extended trips.

Whether navigating coastal waters or embarking on multi-day expeditions, Prijon kayaks instill confidence and facilitate unforgettable adventures in the great outdoors.

With their reputation for reliability and versatility, they have become trusted companions for those seeking to explore remote waterways and rugged coastlines.

From serene lakes to challenging open seas, these kayaks offer the resilience and maneuverability needed to tackle any expedition, making them a favorite among seasoned adventurers and explorers alike.

The average kayak volume is 350 liters and weighs around 26 kilos. Storage front is 50 liters and storage back is around 110 liters.

Trangia Cooking System

Trangia Cooking System

Trangia stoves have become essential on our guided sea kayak expeditions, providing reliable performance in varied conditions. Known for their durability and simplicity, these stoves are trusted by both experienced paddlers and expedition leaders.

Their sturdy construction ensures they withstand the challenges of outdoor adventures, enduring rough waters and rocky shores without faltering. Compact and lightweight, they seamlessly integrate into our gear setup, enabling easy packing and transport during kayak expeditions.

Trangia stoves are user-friendly, catering to paddlers of all levels with their intuitive operation. Their versatility in fuel options, including alcohol and gas, allows us to adapt to different conditions and fuel availability on expeditions, ensuring hot meals and beverages wherever we venture.

In summary, Trangia stoves are invaluable assets on our sea kayak expeditions, combining durability, simplicity, and versatility. From cooking hearty meals to brewing hot drinks, they consistently deliver the performance and reliability needed to keep our paddlers fueled for the journey ahead.

Ferrino Tents

Ferrino Tents

Ferrino tents are trusted shelters on our guided sea kayak expeditions, offering reliable protection and comfort in the unpredictable outdoors. Renowned for their durability and innovative design, these tents have become a staple for adventurers seeking reliable performance in varied conditions.

Crafted from high-quality materials, Ferrino tents withstand the rigors of expedition use, whether pitched on sandy beaches or rocky shores. Their sturdy construction and reinforced seams ensure they endure strong winds and inclement weather, providing a secure haven for weary paddlers.

The user-friendly setup of Ferrino tents makes them ideal for our expeditions, with intuitive features that streamline assembly, even in challenging environments. Their lightweight and compact design allow for easy packing and transport on kayak trips, without sacrificing space or weight.

Overall, Ferrino tents are essential gear on our sea kayak expeditions, combining durability, ease of use, and weather resistance to provide a reliable shelter for our paddlers. Whether camping on remote islands or along rugged coastlines, these tents offer the peace of mind and comfort needed for unforgettable outdoor adventures.

Our kayaks are top-of-the-line touring kayaks made for longer trips and are quite stable and ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers. We provide single and double kayaks. A life jacket, paddle, sponge, dry bag, and spray skirt are also included.

Our Prijon kayaks are designed for performance.  Being lightweight, requiring minimal maintenance, and offering the highest durability of any kayak made, Prijon kayaks are in a class of their own.

The average kayak volume is 350 liters and weighs around 26 kilos. Storage front is 50 liters and storage back is around 110 liters.

To make your adventure safe, enjoyable, and comfortable we are using only the best sea kayaking gear and camping equipment.


To ensure you have a good night's rest we provide 2 and 3-person tents, and sleeping foam pads (on request). Remember to put the tarp under the tent to avoid damaging the tent with sharp objects.

The sleeping bag is not included in some trips but can be rented from us. If you are bringing your tent or sleeping bag please make sure that it fits in the kayak. If not, you can load it in the dry bag on top of the kayak. Please inform us in advance if you will be taking our sleeping bag.

Air mattresses are not provided for the tours and we do not rent them out since they can be easily damaged on our demanding terrain.

When renting our gear please use it properly. Any damage will be charged. No smoking or cooking inside the tent.

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