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FAQ - General Questions

With the exception of our family-oriented departures, our trips are tailored exclusively for adults. We maintain a policy of not mixing families with singles, couples, or other groups during our standard departures.

However, we extend a warm welcome to individuals, couples, or groups to join our family departures if the scheduled departure date aligns with their preferences.

FAQ - Tour Questions

We offer stable and reliable sea kayaks suitable for various skill levels. Our fleet includes single and double kayaks equipped with necessary safety features.

Our kayaks are top-of-the-line touring kayaks made for longer trips and are quite stable and ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers.Prijon kayaks are designed for performance. Being lightweight, requiring minimal maintenance, and offering the highest durability of any kayak made, Prijon kayaks are in a class of their own.The average kayak volume is 350 liters and weighs around 26 kilos. Storage front is 50 liters and storage back is around 110 liters.

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