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Rab Island Circumnavigation

  • 5-Day Tour - 5 Paddling Days - 80 Km
  • From: 660€

Adventure Overview

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5 Day Tour, 5 Paddling Days



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Min: 4
Max: 10, Private groups up to 16 people

Tour Overview

Welcome to Rab, renowned as one of the best destinations for sea kayaking adventures in Croatia. Our island boasts a coastline that epitomizes diversity, offering a tapestry of landscapes and experiences for paddlers of all levels.

Picture yourself paddling along the western side of Rab Island, where lush greenery meets the azure waters of the Adriatic. Here, you'll discover hidden beaches nestled between rocky capes and sandy coves, inviting you to explore their pristine shores surrounded by evergreen Holm Oak forest. Meanwhile, the northeastern side of the island beckons with its stretches of soft, sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing under the pine trees, and soaking up the sun.

Venture to the eastern side of Rab, and you'll encounter a dramatic landscape characterized by rugged cliffs and intriguing geological formations. Additionally, this area features a few caves, one of which offers the exhilarating experience of jumping in from its open ceiling and diving out through an emerald underwater tunnel. This stretch of the Geo Park Rab is considered one of the best.

As locals who have lived and breathed Rab's coastal beauty all our lives, our guides possess an intimate knowledge of every corner and hidden gem this island has to offer. From secluded bays to captivating caves, we'll lead you on an unforgettable journey, sharing not only the best spots but also the fascinating stories that make Rab a truly exceptional destination for sea kayaking.

Join us as we embark on an adventure through Rab's diverse coastline, where every paddle stroke unveils a new chapter in this island paradise's rich tapestry of natural wonders

Throughout this paddling tour, we anticipate covering approximately 80 kilometers in our famous Relaxploration Style

Our itinerary offers a rough outline of our sea kayak adventure along Croatia's stunning coastline. Please note, that plans are flexible and subject to adjustments due to local weather and unforeseen circumstances. Safety and enjoyment come first, so we adapt to changes in wind and waves. Our experienced guides prioritize your experience, making necessary alterations for a memorable journey. While we've planned each day meticulously, expect exciting detours and spontaneous discoveries.

Departures are usually set for Saturdays, but we offer flexibility. Please get in touch to discuss your preferred dates in addition to the ones listed below.

5 Available Spots: May 23'rd, July 5'th

4 Available Spots: August 30, Sept 7th

April, May, October






Included in your package:
  • Meals: Enjoy 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners, ensuring you're fueled for your adventure.

  • Equipment: Choose between single or double sea kayaks, each accompanied by a PFD (life vest), a light paddle, a spray skirt, and 2 x 20-liter dry bags.

  • Guided Experience: Benefit from the expertise of a qualified and experienced guide fluent in English, enhancing your journey with insightful knowledge.

  • Transfer: Enjoy peace of mind with our transfer arrangements, available throughout the island, ensuring flexibility in case of itinerary changes during the tour

Not included in the package:

  • Additional orders at bars or restaurants, including beverages

  • Admission fees for museums, national parks, and other attractions are not included.

  • Optional ticket to Zavratnica Fiord (€4.00)

  • Additional equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses (this can be rented from our company)

  • Airport transfers

  • Accommodation before and after the tour

Breakfast Delights

Begin your day with a refreshing spread of nature's bounty. Our breakfast spreads feature an assortment of fresh fruits, invigorating fruit salads, hearty bread, flavorful spreads, a selection of cereals, and, when the expedition allows, eggs cooked to perfection. Nourish your body and prepare for the day's adventures ahead.

Our breakfast service typically begins at 7:30 AM, but this may vary depending on the day's schedule.

Lunch on the Shore

As you explore the coastline, take a break to savor our diverse lunch offerings. Indulge in a variety of salads bursting with vibrant flavors, delightful sandwiches crafted with care, and an abundance of fresh fruits to invigorate your senses. Enjoy a simple yet satisfying picnic on the beach, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

We aim to have lunch daily between 1 pm and 2 pm, taking into account weather conditions and any other factors that may arise during the expedition.

Dinner Under the Stars

As the sun sets on the horizon, gather around for a memorable dining experience. Our dinners are a celebration of culinary excellence, featuring carefully prepared dishes served alongside crisp salads. Pasta and rice take center stage, harmoniously blended with savory sauces, garden-fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices. Delight in the warmth of good company and the flavors of the Mediterranean.

We typically have dinner between 7 and 8 pm; however, this timing may vary depending on the month you are visiting, especially during shorter daylight months. In these instances, dinner is usually served between 5 and 6 pm.

Expedition Fare

Throughout your journey, our guides ensure that every meal is both nourishing and delicious. While we primarily rely on the staples of the Mediterranean diet, we also incorporate a variety of expedition foods to sustain your energy and enhance your experience. From nutrient-rich trail mixes to satisfying energy bars, we provide the fuel you need to conquer each day's adventures.

Join Us in the Kitchen

While our expert guides take the lead in meal preparation, we welcome the participation of our guests. Whether it's lending a hand with chopping vegetables, sharing culinary tips, or simply soaking in the ambiance of a shared cooking experience, everyone plays a part in creating memorable meals on our guided sea kayaking trips.

Come, immerse yourself in the flavors of the sea and experience the perfect blend of adventure and gastronomy with us. Let your taste buds sail away on a journey they won't soon forget.

Special Dietary requirements.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants on our sea kayaking trips, including those with special dietary requirements or allergies. To ensure everyone's needs are met, we collect detailed information about dietary restrictions and allergies through our medical form during the booking process. This allows us to tailor our meal preparations accordingly, accommodating various dietary needs while ensuring safety, especially in cases of allergies. Our experienced guides are trained to handle dietary restrictions and will work closely with participants to ensure their dietary needs are met throughout the trip. By gathering this information in advance, we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Sleeping Under the Stars

In the heart of the wilderness, find comfort in the simplicity of sleeping under the stars.

Each night holds the promise of adventure and discovery, inviting you to embrace the beauty of the natural world and awaken your spirit to the wonders that surround you.

So lay your head down, close your eyes, and let the magic of the wilderness carry you away into a world of dreams.

Type of camping ground by Day :

1st night: Sandy beach / soil

2nd night: Sandy beach

3rd night: Soil ground

4th night: Pebble Beach

Camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses are not included in the tour price but can be rented from us at the following rates. Prices are for the duration of the tour, not per day:

Single tent (double occupancy for extra space): €12

Double tent (triple occupancy for gear and comfort): €22

Sleeping bag: €15

Foam mat: €5

While we encourage you to bring your own inflatable mattress, we offer rental options depending on availability. Prices vary based on your preferred type.

  • Our paddling typically starts around 10 am on the first day, and the tour usually concludes around 4 pm on the last day.

  • All kayaking participants are required to wear a life jacket at all times while paddling, without any exceptions.

  • Efficient packing in the kayak is essential as we carry most supplies.

  • To streamline your packing, aim for minimal bulk and clothing. A 25-liter dry bag should be adequate for personal items from June to August, while an extra 20-liter dry bag should suffice for the remainder of the year.

  • For those requiring accommodation on the first night, please feel free to inquire.

  • When arranging accommodation independently, ensure proximity to our address at Banjol 341, with the town center just 15 minutes (1.2 km) away.

  • You may leave suitcases and backpacks at our base for free

  • If you're arriving by car to Rab Island, you have the option to park your vehicle safely for free at a nearby parking lot, subject to availability. Alternatively, there are paid parking available inside the campsite near our starting point, priced at around 10€ per day. Additionally, you can opt to leave your car at our neighbor's parking lot for a fee of 8€ per day.

If you're arriving by car to Rab Island, you have the option to park your vehicle safely for free at a nearby parking lot, subject to availability. Alternatively, there are paid parking available inside the campsite near our starting point, priced at around 10€ per day. Additionally, you can opt to leave your car at our neighbor's parking lot for a fee of 8€ per day.

Price from 660€

Guaranteed Departures with Available Spots: May 23'rd, July 5'th


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