Awesome is a super agile sea kayak made for the big water. It is targeted the playful and experienced paddler and it’s the obvious choice if you are a kayak instructor.

2 cool color combinations

2 cool color combinations

Comes in one size fitting the medium to large-size paddler

Your height: 175-210 cm 

Your weight: 70-120 kg


Basic model: 1700 €

+ Day Box: 40 €

+ Rescue System: 50 €

+ Rudder System 145 €

Awesome Overview

Awesome is a short sea kayak that offers ultimate control and maneuverability in waves and the surf zone. With a length of only 475 cm and a pronounced rocker, it is incredibly easy to handle even in challenging conditions.

Freedom to power through

It is designed with cutaways that provide freedom for your Powerstroke through the surf. The bow and front deck are voluminous and spacious, allowing for plenty of freedom of movement when riding the waves.

Extreme strength for extreme conditions

Awesome features a 3-layer sandwich construction that is lightweight and rigid. The outer layer is reinforced to ensure extreme strength for extreme conditions. The kayak has a lightweight and super-strong carbon seat with the option to adjust the backrest via a unique click system, known as whitewater kayaks. The thigh braces are made extra wide, providing excellent contact with your kayak at all times.

Perfect for playful paddlers and serious instructors

With its flat bottom and very distinctive soft-chined shoulders, Awesome is truly impressive when it comes to playing with technique or using it for instruction. It can hold an impressive edge and, with its very low stern deck, is a dream to roll.

Directional stability in the surf

The steep and unique design of the bow helps Awesome keep pinpoint directional stability when riding big waves. In combination with the pronounced rocker and shoulders, a little edge makes it a dream to control in the surf zone.

The devil is in the detail

On the Awesome Sea Kayak, all fittings are fiberglass-reinforced and recessed into the deck, ensuring durability even under heavy loads. Additionally, this minimizes the risk of hand injuries if you accidentally hit the foredeck during a paddle stroke. The cockpit rim is extra-reinforced and features a deep groove all around, ensuring a secure attachment of a spray skirt during rolls and surf. The kayak is equipped with a tow brace and a large oval hatch at the rear, making it suitable for slightly longer trips in challenging waters.

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