Experience the Unplugged kayak, delivering a harmonious blend of speed and stability. Its medium dimensions strike the perfect balance, ensuring agility and steadfastness on the water.

6 cool color combinations

6 cool color combinations

Available in regular and large size


160-185 cm up to appr. 90 kg.


170-210 cm from 90 kg and up.


Basic model: 1300 €

+ Day Box: 40 €

+ Rescue System: 50 €

+ Rudder System 145 €

Unplugged Overview

Unplugged's sleek design minimizes wind sensitivity and enables effortless paddling. Featuring a low front and rear deck, this kayak maintains exceptional tracking, even in windy conditions. The streamlined profile offers unobstructed paddling for skill refinement.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable 3-layer polyethylene, the Unplugged kayak guarantees strength without compromising portability. Its sturdy construction reduces overall weight while ensuring reliability.

Enjoy easy access and firm control with Unplugged's medium-sized keyhole cockpit and wide front. Padded thigh braces enhance stability and precision during maneuvers.

Unplugged's shallow-V hull and medium rocker facilitate smooth maneuverability across various water conditions. Ample storage space, secure round hatches, and thoughtfully placed deck lines provide convenience and security for your gear.

Customize your Unplugged kayak with optional extras, including a lock for added security or a rescue system for peace of mind. Experience hassle-free skeg control with Unplugged's cord-operated system, manufactured by Kajak Sport.

Embark on your kayaking adventures with confidence aboard the Unplugged kayak, designed for reliability and performance.

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