Speed and efficiency! Endless is a fast slim kayak with extra comfort making it perfect for exercise and longer tours. Endless is a good match for you if you already have some experience with paddling or just like to challenge yourself.

6 cool color combinations

6 cool color combinations

Available in regular and large size


Height 160-180 cm | Weight 55-80 kg


Height 170-200 cm | Weight 80-110 kg


Basic model: 1500 €

+ Day Box: 40 €

+ Rescue System: 50 €

+ Rudder System 145 €

Endless Overview

Endless is designed with a lightning-fast hull shape and cast in ultra-smooth surfaced XDPE plastic. It has a low front and rear deck which makes it very little sensible to wind and gives it great tracking. With a waterline that makes up for 92% of the total length, combined with a minimal rocker, the Endless is one of the fastest plastic kayaks out there.

With ample storage room, the Endless is perfect for longer trips.

The ergonomic fiberglass seat comes with extra padding and a seat rest that can be adjusted from within the cockpit using the unique click system. This ensures maximum comfort and the possibility to continuously adjust your seating position when spending many hours in the kayak. We designed the thigh braces with inspiration from whitewater kayaks which gives you extra legroom even with the low-profile front deck.

On the Endless, all fittings are fiberglass reinforced and countersunk and can take all the hard pulling of a rescue on the water. This also minimizes the risk of hand injury should you hit your front deck when paddling. The low rear deck makes reentry easy and also makes the Endless a blast to roll.

The Cockpit is reinforced and has an extra deep groove to make your spray deck stay in place at all times and in all conditions. Besides the professional layout of lines and elastics, we also mounted a paddle roll on the front deck line to make it easy to secure that paddle when taking a break or dealing with a rescue.

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